Diverse Learning Environments

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At K2KD our program for toddlers is designed to create a safe stimulating environment where children are encouraged to learn, grow, and explore using all of their senses. Our high-quality early childhood educators provide numerous educational activities daily that are fun, educational, and developmentally appropriate. At Kudos 2 Kids we focus on the whole child and provide a program that enhances skills in the 5 domains, Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional and Social.

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We have developed a program that focuses on the whole child and is based on science. We promote a healthy lifestyle in our children through our nutritious homemade menu, our rest and relaxation program, daily physical activity, and mental health. We role model and encourage independence, self regulation, risky play, friendships, co-operation, exploration, discovery because we believe our children are competent, curious, and capable. Program curriculum includes daily materials that help develop the following skills in our children: interest in books, using Jolly Phonics Learning letters and words through multi-sensory teaching, group and creative activities, playing outside and much more.